Mestiza Negra Mezcal

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How can we sell for only $18 per bottle?

When you buy Mestiza Negra mezcal, you’re working with a vertically integrated, self-distributor of mezcal. You are NOT paying for bloated marketing budgets, CEO bonuses, or corporate distributor mark-ups. We minimize costs to share our love of good quality mezcal with the world and pass the savings to our customers. Our brand is a passion project. We do everything possible to make affordable, good quality mezcal a reality. That’s why we ask the following:

Minimum 4 case order (24 bottles)

We deliver one day per week (Wednesdays)

Place of Production: Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca, Mexico
Type of Production: Artesanal (Artisanal)
Agave Variety: 100% Espadín (A. angustifolia)
Agave Age: 10 years
Agave Cut: Coa and machete
Oven Type: Conical river stone, covered with natural tarp and earth
Roasting Wood: Live Oak
Grinding: Horse-drawn Chilean tahona mill
Fermentation: Uninoculated wild yeasts, in tubs of Pine and Live Oak wood
Distillation: Double distillation in copper still and coil
Maestra Mezcalera/Master Distiller: Juana Escobar Bautista
Alcohol Volume: 45%
Finish: Joven


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